A Massive Youth Week 2021 for Zeal Hamilton

Zeal Hams were keen to ramp up again for Youth Week 2021 (8th - 16th May), and the theme for the week, “We’re Stronger Together”, couldn’t have been more apt, with loads of epic collaborations happening between the Zeal Hams community and other organizations. Here are some highlights

Zeal Hamilton Enters New Season with New Team

Zeal is excited to announce the arrival of our new Regional Manager for Zeal Hamilton, Tony O’Rourke. Want to stay connected to all things going on in Zeal Hamilton? Sign up for updates!

Zeal Hamilton plays host to Antique Pop-Up Shop

Over 500 people came through this collaboration with Thrift’d Streetware in February 2020!

An Oscar-worthy graduation at Zeal Hamilton

Zeal Hamilton wraps up their year with a concert and Oscar Awards ceremony.

A musical night in Slow Motion at Zeal Hamilton

In October 2019, we helped Year 13s find their strengths, kayaked, and hosted a musical showcase.

Zeal Hams crew camps in Turangi, didn't even go trouting

"Our camps are a special time for our whānau, sharing experiences and challenging ourselves to look beyond our every day situations back home"

Meet the family: Miguel Raman, youth work coordinator

"Listening to your young people is always a must. Sometimes young people aren't looking for answers. They just want somewhere to be present."

Hamilton's acoustic scene in tune with young people's creativity

What better way to test out our new admin assistant, Jason (19) by asking him to plan an acoustic night?

30 under 30 awards: celebrating community achievements (and the Zeal Hamilton crew!)

The Zeal Familton crew hosted the 30 Under 30 awards - and we ended up winning one, too!





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