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Zeal is a nationwide youth organisation relentlessly committed to make a difference in the lives of young people through communities of belonging and creativity. Zeal is not-for-profit and relies on the generous support of partners and donors to do our work. Every dollar helps, and all donations are tax deductible. Donate today.


“It took me out of this place where I was feeling completely helpless and useless. Gave me heaps of confidence and gave me something I’m passionate about.” – Georgia, 18
“The thing about being at Zeal for a while is that everyone is a bit weird, so you can be your own bit of weird and still fit in.”– Grace, 18
"I honestly am so thankful for the amazing people at Zeal. Without them I would be a completely different person.” – Mish, 17
"I would be so forever screwed without Zeal. I can't put into words how thankful I am... They have constantly supported me and loved me.”
“This place is like a second home to me... actually, no it’s my first home.” – Joey, 17
“I played around with music a bit before Zeal, but with all the resources I could try new things and explore music. It gave me so much more opportunity.” – Matt, 16
“They have supported us every step of the way and we will always know Zeal as the band’s home.” – As Colour Fades
“I used to have no goals... just doing the same thing every day. But now I have goals and someone I want to be in the future.”– Levi, 19
“Zeal offers something that no other place does.” - Zack Marshall, Zeal young person turned touring sound engineer.
“Becoming a volunteer here was one of the best decisions I ever made.” – Jordan, 16
“Above all, I think Zeal gave me hope.” – Maggie, 17
“I am reminded every week at Zeal that there are people who believe in me, that I am capable of so much!” - Maggie, 17
“Being a consumer at Zeal made me happy, but being a contributor has brought joy to my soul.” – Ben, 22, Zeal young person turned social entrepreneur
“Zeal has helped me turn my life around.” – Ben, 18
“Now I can express myself.” – Mitch, 15
“Zeal’s not just a word, not just a place. It’s a family, it’s my family. I’ve gained Zeal for life.” – Abby, 17
“Zeal gave me a skill that I now use for work.” – Niwa, 19
“If it wasn’t for working with Zeal, I would never have developed a passion for youth work. I’m so grateful.” – Cody, 17
“If it wasn't for Zeal I would be in prison.” – Dan
“The more that you’re willing to support Zeal, the more that they can help us out.” – Gian
“I learnt more here in the first hour than I did in my whole year in photography at high school.”
"Ultimately the best way for me to describe zeal is life changing.” - Taylor Finderup, 16
"I wish every venue we played was like Zeal." - Bribry, international musician
“Pushing young people to be the future of the world. Why wouldn’t you support that?” - Reyne
“I learn real skills that I can put to the real world and I don’t feel pressured to learn it. I’m here because I want to.” - Gian, 17
“Zeal’s just this big warm blanket of awesome that just wraps around your community.” - Beth, 18

By the numbers 2019/20

Throughout the last year, we were able to see:
  • 113 events with 465 performers, 599 volunteers and attendance of 21,122
  • 260 creative programmes with 3,549 participants and
    294 volunteers
  • 10,187 attendees at afternoon hangs
  • 3,354 street youth work engagements
  • 5,931 young people reached out to through Live For Tomorrow, Chat, Zeal’s online support service
  • 351,440 people reached through social media

Focus for 2021

Our focus is to enable transformation in the lives of young people experiencing distress or disconnection. We aim to:
  • Deliver 15,000 healthy meaningful interactions with young people through our creative/care programmes
  • Deliver high quality creative programmes across our centres
  • Develop and deliver innovative, digital youth care solutions, designed to increase our reach
  • Provide safe spaces for young people to explore themes of identity, belonging and connection





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