Affordable creative programmes for young people

Every school term, we run creative programmes in the afternoons at our centres across the country. 

Young people (aged 13-18) get to learn creative skills from our tutors that will
set them up to express their creativity and add to their CVs. 

They also get to hang out with our epic team of youth workers!

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Learn about pulling shots, frothing milk, customer service and more. Get hands-on cafe experience to help you get into the workforce.


Learn hip hop and contemporary dance, including choreography, musicality and levels. All welcome - no previous experience needed!

Event Management

Want to run events? Learn how to pull off killer gigs, balls, and shows for you and your mates.

Graphic Design

Learn how to create strong brands and engaging graphics on Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign with our introduction to graphic design. 

Live Sound Engineering

Learn how to set up and run a live show, including microphone placement, mixing, audio effects, live EQ and much more.


Learn drum fills, licks, guitar chords, and how to shred a guitar solo that would put Slash to shame with our musical geniuses.  


Whether you're shooting on a DSLR camera or a phone, learn about lighting, composition, exposure and more. 


If you want to take your beats and rapping to the next level, or learn how to record your own music, come and learn in our recording studio. 


Write a sticky melody for your intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus and chorus banger with our seasoned songwriting tutors.

Vocal Ensemble

Join our Hamilton Vocal Ensemble. We meet at Zeal every Thursday, 4.30-6.30pm





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